Default CFLAGS clobbering

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Sat May 22 17:28:15 BST 2004

On Saturday 22 May 2004 17:17, Simon Hausmann wrote:

> This is autoconf's default when using gcc (per c.m4) , so the whole pool of
> autoconf'ed software out there behaves that way.

Uhm, you must be reading it wrong. AC_PROG_CC generates a check that sets -g 
-O2 if CFLAGS is not specified _at all_ (and gcc is used), if CFLAGS are 
specified it uses them verbatim without any additions.

> And KDE does so, too (it 
> doesn't inherit that default through AC_PROG_CC though) .

Which is too bad because if it did it would DTRT.

> So the behaviour of is consistent for users (among a large pool of
> software)

On the contrary, KDE's benevolent forcing of optimization flags is pretty 
extraordinary and should cease.

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