KeyBindings & Friends in KDE 4.0

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sat May 22 11:11:54 BST 2004

Le Samedi 22 Mai 2004 03:14, Benjamin Meyer a écrit :
> Most applications have a one line function in them as follows:
> /**
>  * Bring up the key configuration dialog.
>  */
> void KTron::configureKeys(){
>   KKeyDialog::configure(actionCollection(), this);
> }
> What if we made this a virtual function in KMainWindow?  Then for the
> majority of applications they would only have to do:
> KStdAction::keyBindings(this, SLOT(configureKeys()), actionCollection());

I've done a  KXMLGUIFactory::configureShortcuts()  slot.  so it's already 
possible to do

KStdAction::keyBindings(factory(), SLOT(configureShortcuts()), 

KXMLGUIFactory::configureShortcuts()  does not let to configure only the set 
of actions from the action collection, but every action of kparts or plugins.

But AFAIK, only few applicaiton use that function.
Maybe i should add a @see also  in the KKeyDialog::configure API doc 

> Same with configuring the toolbars...
> KStdAction::configureToolbars(this, SLOT(configuretoolbars() ),
> actionCollection(), "configuretoolbars");
> Or even go one step further when createGUI is called if a toolbar is
> created the configure and show actions are automaticly added and handled
> same with shortcuts.
> Also what about turning  setAutoSaveSettings() on by default rather then
> having every single application have to call it (and some forgetting to)?

Yes, i think the same

> I am just thinking about things that almost every application re-implements
> on their own even though it could be handled in one place giving the user a
> more common experience across KDE.
> If this sounds like a good idea I'll add it to the kdelibs TODO list for
> KDE4.

Is it too late for KDE 3.3 ?

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