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Thu May 20 15:10:40 BST 2004

On Wednesday 19 May 2004 20:36, Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 May 2004 20:52, Arend van Beelen jr. wrote:
> > So, are there any other ideas, or objections?
> An idea/wish:
> - make it possible to list the icons as the "Detailed List View" in
> Konqueror
Yes, I think this is a very good idea. If we have a detailed list view, it's 
easy to have a Path column so the problem of finding out where you can find 
your icons is even better addressed. The only thing I'm worried with is that 
I don't want to clutter the interface. Right now we have a quite clean dialog 
and I'd like to keep it that way. So should I add a line right above the 
canvas with something like:

"View mode: [icon view] [detailed list view]"

With icons representing the buttons, not the full text. IMHO this would 
already spoil the clean interface.

Another option (which I prefer) is to add two small buttons to the right of 
the source selection. I think this adds the least possible clutter without 
obfuscating the feature. See the attachement for a mockup. It does beg the 
question though whether push buttons should be used for switching a view like 

Finally a RMB menu could be used for it, but actually I don't think it's very 
intuitive to right-click one of the icons to find something like that.

What'd you say?

> - make the icon names appear completely, not as folder_fa... . Yes the
> complete name appears as a tooltip, but currently it's hard to find an
> icon by it's name.
If we have a listview you can obviously resize the columns, so this should no 
longer be a problem as well.

Arend van Beelen jr.

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