io-slave & progress dialog

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Wed May 19 22:48:42 BST 2004

> No - copy() is called for copies to and from file:/, when the slave
> supports it. This depends on
> copyToFile=true
> copyFromFile=true
> in the slave's .protocol file

Ah, OK. The fonts:/ slave didn't have these - I'll add them.

> Nothing. When FileCopyJob uses a get and put job, the progress info depends
> on the get. Which makes this problem even more surprising...
> Especially surprising since get() in emits processedSize once more
> right before the end, with the file's size.... I think you're missing
> something, SimpleJob::slotProcessedSize() is surely called more than once.

Nope. The line in the debug comes from a std::cerr from within the function.

> Is the file fully copied?

Yup. As I said, the fonts are installed just fine. Its just the progress 
dialog thats acting strange.

> Check if FileCopyJob::setSourceSize64() is called with the right value?
> [If not, the stat() is the problem. But then again, this is on the file:/
> side....]

Added more debug to FileCopyJob::setSourceSize64() - and this is called with 
the correct value. 

I'll try with the "copyFromFile"/"copyToFile" settings - although this is more 
of a workaround.

> BTW KioFonts.cpp:947 has if(a) if(b) {..} else {...} , a bit unclear,
> better use braces in the toplevel if....

Must admit I tend to only use braces when really necessary - to save lines on 
screen. But, Ok - I'll add them...

Thanks for trying to help.


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