io-slave & progress dialog

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Wed May 19 09:24:33 BST 2004


I’m having a problem with the fonts-ioslave and the progress dialog (i.e.
the one konqueror pops up when copying files). 

When copying lots of fonts (which are over 32k each in size), the
progressbar does not update the size correctly – it seems to only register
the 1st 32k per file. Which has the effect of the progress dialog only ever
getting to around 10% before it closes - and sometimes it seems to tay open,
even though the number of files copied is complete. The fonts are all copied
and installed fine – it’s just the progess dialog which is wrong.

Looking at the code for the put() function in both
kdelibs/kioslave/file/ and
kdebase/kcontrol/kfontinst/kio/KioFonts.cpp I can’t see anything obviously
wrong. Is there some KIO::SlaveBase function I should be calling to update
the progress? How does the progress dialog get updated?

Thanks for any help.


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