Avoiding Problems by Avoiding Decisions

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue May 18 21:14:33 BST 2004

On Tuesday 18 May 2004 08:35, Heiko Evermann wrote:
> Hi Don,
> >>>FWIW that is what GNOME and Red Hat have decided to do. I think
> >>>the flags are the cause of more insult/offense than the names and
> >>>that it makes sense to completely remove them.
> >>
> >>IMO it's ridiculous to remove all flags just because there is a
> >>handful of controversial ones. Did you even consider the impact on
> >>usability?
> I think so, too.
> >The usability issue that I'm concerned about is making KDE usable
> > for Chinese.
> IMHO it is not a question of usability for Chinese, but political
> nitpicking. But one could retain some flags.
> One could just remove the disputed flags AND the flag of those
> countries that dispute them. That would mean
> * remove Taiwan AND china
> * remove Macedonia/FYROM AND Greece
> etc.
> * and keep all the rest that is happy with their (and their
> neighbours) flags.

Full ACK. Why should the people of 200+ other countries be punished 
because of a few problematic cases.

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