Two policy propositions for the country list

Dominique Devriese devriese at
Tue May 18 20:17:04 BST 2004

George Staikos writes:

>> Ah, so this is the current policy.  Why oh why did noone bother to
>> state this any sooner, even when explicitly asked ?

> Well, it's basically not avoiding any problems.  It's clearly doing
> a great job considering how much controversy it creates, how much
> developer-time it has wasted, and how we still have non-existing
> countries listed in the KCM.  

I personally think the problem is not that we don't have a policy, but
that noone knows the policy ( including developers, i18n team members
and users ).  

Now people, please read this very carefully: When you see another bug
report like this:

1 (IMPORTANT) *Resist* the urge to start a long thread about it on

2 Forward it to the relevant i18n team.

3 Forget about it.

4 Be Happy

Just my two cents

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