Strange behaviour popupmenu's in KOrganizer

Bram Schoenmakers bram_s at
Sun May 16 23:09:09 BST 2004


In KOrganizer (CVS HEAD) there are two items in the rmb-menu of the 
todo-editor: "Copy To" and "Move To". These items point to the same object, 
another qpopupmenu, containing only one widget (a kdatepicker):

mItemPopupMenu->insertItem( i18n("Copy To"), mDatePickerPopupMenu, 
mItemPopupMenu->insertItem(i18n("Move To"), mDatePickerPopupMenu);

There's a minor problem when using the second popup-menu, "Move To". As soon 
as the mousepointer leaves the area of the mDatePickerPopupMenu, the item 
"Copy to" becomes active in the main submenu. The mDatePickerPopupMenu 
remains intact.

I don't understand why this happens, I guess this is a Qt-bug. But maybe I'm 
wrong, that's why I'm asking the list.

Bram Schoenmakers

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