Avoiding Problems by Avoiding Decisions

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Fri May 14 12:16:55 BST 2004

On Friday 14 May 2004 07:36, Don Sanders wrote:
> I personally have many Taiwanese friends and it gives me a certain
> sense of pride to see KDE recognizing Taiwan as a country. (In the
> Country/Region and Language control panel).
It is as you say country OR region selector. Taiwan is an island, there is no 
country refering to itself as Taiwan, but there is a Something Something 
Republic of China, that is sometimes refered to by the only island it has 
control over, to avoid confusion with another Something Something Republic of 

> On the other hand it's abundantly clear to me that maintaining this
> position eliminates KDE as an option for 1/6 of the worlds
> population. It's a position that the government of mainland China can
> never accept or condone.
Not really. They can buy RedHat which removes the name completly, they just 
have to avoid SuSE.

> > But like in the case with Niel Stevens, we can't really be
> > responsible for the lack of tolerance in extremists developers.
> Since the United States of America (one of Taiwan's closest allies)
> has recognized that the unification of Taiwan with mainland China is
> inevitable, even I who consider myself a supporter of the Taiwanese
> people can only consider KDE's position to have become extremist.
Sorry. I am not calling either point of view extremist. But I think it is 
extremist to just get up and leave, because you can not succomb everybody 
else to your particular point of view..

I think we should just emphesize the point that the list in KControl is list 
of countries OR REGIONS! We are not claiming the entries are independt 
countries, some of entries are just regions. Which that is, should be up to 
the reader to decide. 

One of my objections against the ISO list is that it only lists countries, and 
in KDE we might need to make region locales selectable as well.


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