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Wed May 12 23:44:56 BST 2004

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On Thursday 13 May 2004 0:18, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> I'm more that sceptical on this. It won't hurt of course, but I doubt it 
> will help either. Generally, real contributors *always* find something to do 
> by themselves, and they very quickly send a patch to the project they want 
> to help (often with their 1st or 2nd mail). People who first start by asking 
> what they could help with almost never actually do anything, no matter how 
> much hand-handling you provide, and they generally vanish after a couple of 
> mails.

I had the same gut responce.  I think most of the time people have to find 
something that actually interests them and typically do this on their own.

That said, it really can't hurt anything and the time required to mark such 
bugs as they come across is minimal.

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