Patch for library suffix (Please apply)

Maurizio Monge monge at
Tue May 11 09:51:45 BST 2004

Alle Tuesday 11 May 2004 10:13, Stephan Kulow ha scritto:
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> Am Monday 10 May 2004 10:26 schrieb Maurizio Monge:
> > On my platform (amd64) I use the configure option --enable-libsuffix=64.
> > But installing kdelibs, the plugins will go in the "lib64/" subdirs,
> > while the plugin loader will ignore the suffix and look for plugins in
> > the "lib/" subdir.
> > This is a small patch to honor the --enable-libsuffix flags in the file
> > kstandarddirs.cpp, and make things work in system (like mine) that have
> > lib64 directories.
> Your patch is correct (even though I wonder what we need KDELIBSUFFIX for,
> I guess both config.h variables can be merged).

I just decided to keep KDELIBSUFFIX because i am not (yet) in kde development
and did not want to mess things up, but i just don't understand what a quoted
#defined is for, if you need a quoted string from a quoted #define putting 
"\"" STRING "\"" in the code is enough, though getting the non-quoted string
from the quoted #define may be a bit more diffucult...

> I'm aware of the problem since a bit longer and I feel quite guilty ;(

NP, 'strace konqueror' and 'grep "lib\/" * -R' were enough to get to the 
problem and fix it :-)


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