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On Sun May 9 2004 23:46, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Sunday 09 May 2004 15:27, Russell Miller wrote:
> > Google is google and KDE is KDE.  Google's caches of these pages do
> > not expose KDE to liability.  KDE hosting them on the server does.
> > Google can take care of themselves.
> So what you're saying is that basically there's no answer, we just have
> two standards because people say so.

Perhaps Google claims fair use [1], perhaps Google claims common carrier 
status and/or stays carefully within the safe harbor provisions provided by 
the DMCA [2], perhaps Google relies on its legal department to bail itself 
out, perhaps Google can afford it to wait for an abmahnung [3] and doesn't 
mind paying the costs associated with that, and also noteworthy, Google does 
not develop a competing desktop operating system.

But it really is not interesting what Google does, this is about what KDE 
does. If you want to include the information from these files as interface 
specification, then I suggest you write a small design document in which you 
describe the interface in global terms and quote the relevant information 
parts from these two files. That should fall under fair use because it is 
then used in a research context, the parts are quoted in a non-functional 
manner, the parts are annotated and it's not a copy of the copyrighted work 
as a whole.


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