[Kde-pim] KDE 3.3 Release Plan is up

Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Mon May 10 03:13:55 BST 2004

Currently I am doing some work for an enterprise customer of KDE PIM. 
They have chosen to use KDE PIM because it satisfies there 
requirements better than any other alternative. However they are not 
completely satisfied. They want one particular bug fixed in one 
particular application. They and I don't want them to perform a full 
upgrade of all KDE, that could introduce problems that neither they 
nor I could fix. Instead at this current point in time we would 
prefer to take the safe route of implementing the minimal change 
required to fix the problem they are experiencing.

In this case that means taking the existing source rpm for the 
application, applying a bugfix patch and creating a new binary rpm 
for them to install. Minimal risk.

I have another dozen or so smaller customers in the same position as 
this enterprise.

My point being that enterprise customers of KDE PIM do exist and that 
they are concerned with the issues Ingo has raised, especially ease 
of upgrading individual components.


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