[Kde-pim] KDE 3.3 Release Plan is up

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Sun May 9 11:56:53 BST 2004

Am Samstag, 8. Mai 2004 17:30 schrieb Ingo Klöcker:
> On Saturday 08 May 2004 13:03, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> I'm very much in favor of separate KDE PIM 3.x releases for the rest of
> KDE 3. Especially this means that KDE 3.3 will not contain KDE PIM, but
> since KDE PIM 3.3 will have been released shortly before, it won't make
> a difference for people who are waiting for KDE 3.3. OTOH people who
> only want to upgrade KDE PIM won't have to wait for the KDE 3.3
> release.
> BTW, I envision the same modus operandi for KDE 4. All KDE PIM 4.x
> releases should be kept compatible with KDE 4.0. This would make KDE
> PIM a reasonable choice for companies because they could use KDE 4.0.x
> for 2+ years and still have the possibility to upgrade KDE PIM.

The question for me is, do you really want to restrict yourself to the feature 
set of the KDE 4.0 release?

Looking back there were a lot of neat features added to kdelibs between KDE 
3.0 and now that were also useful to KDE PIM (e.g. KListViewSearchLine). How 
would you handle this? Add a copy of these features to libkdepim? Wouldn't 
this become a maintainance nightmare?

Just what came to my mind...

Christian Loose
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