KDE 3.3 Release Plan is up

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sat May 8 22:04:46 BST 2004

On Saturday 08 May 2004 20:07, Michael Brade wrote:
> On Saturday 08 May 2004 17:30, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> > I'm very much in favor of separate KDE PIM 3.x releases for the
> > rest of KDE 3. Especially this means that KDE 3.3 will not contain
> > KDE PIM, but since KDE PIM 3.3 will have been released shortly
> > before, it won't make a difference for people who are waiting for
> > KDE 3.3. OTOH people who only want to upgrade KDE PIM won't have to
> > wait for the KDE 3.3 release.
> >
> > BTW, I envision the same modus operandi for KDE 4. All KDE PIM 4.x
> > releases should be kept compatible with KDE 4.0. This would make
> > KDE PIM a reasonable choice for companies because they could use
> > KDE 4.0.x for 2+ years and still have the possibility to upgrade
> > KDE PIM.
> >
> > FWIW, from several talks with the other KDE PIM developers I got
> > the impression that many of them share my visions. I hope they will
> > confirm this.
> No, not me. I sort of agree with the first paragraph, but not with
> keeping PIM 4.x compatible with KDE 4.0 for the rest of KDE 4's
> lifetime. Reasons:

> I have already had the pleasure of being unable to fix things missing
> in kdelibs because of our dependency on KDE 3.2.

This doesn't exactly speak for the quality of kdelibs, right?

> It would also mean  
> that KDE PIM 4 would stagnate in certain areas (though this might not
> be the worst of the disadvantages).

Corporate users don't want to upgrade to every minor release of KDE. 
They want to have planning reliability (leo's translation of 
Planungssicherheit). This is necessary to be able to calculate costs. 
If KDE can't guarantee this then they will not choose KDE. Or they will 
choose the KDE desktop with OpenOffice, Mozilla and Evolution as 
applications. It's as simple as this. It's ridiculous to force the 
users of our applications to always update to the latest versions of 
the core libraries just because we want to use some new convenience 
functions. Ask Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB (Kolab, Aegypten), ask 
theKompany (e.g. their Kapital requires KDE 3.0.x or later), ask any 
other company mentioned at enterprise.kde.org.

I'm not saying that we must not use stuff from new core libraries, but 
OTOH we also must not make the new core libraries a mandatory 
requirement. Anyway, KDE 4 is still a long way down the road. We should 
talk about the future of KDE PIM at aKadamy.


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