Problem with KDockWidget GUI

Klaas Freitag freitag at
Fri May 7 12:49:36 BST 2004


I have some problems with Kooka's KDockWidget-GUI. For people who
updated KDE to KDE 3.2 but still use their old .kde directory with an
old kookarc in it  Kooka appears with an empty screen. No Dockwidgets
are visible. Thats very ugly because that does not look like an error
but like a very wired design.
I am not sure if that happens always if there is an old config, but I already 
have some reports. To fix this, only the old config file must be removed, 
but of course most users do not know this.
My question is if somebody has a hint hows that coming and
how is to fix/avoid?


                                               Klaas Freitag
                              Internal Tools - SUSE Linux AG

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