Big trouble with KIO::NetAccess::enter_loop()

Michael Brade brade at
Sun May 2 16:07:14 BST 2004

On Sunday 02 May 2004 14:34, David Faure wrote:
> Do NOT use KURL(file) when file is a path, this leads to encoding errors,
> you should use KURL u; u.setPath(file);    or KURL::fromPathOrURL(file);
Oh... ok. That means I will have to fix the rest of KNotes as well.

> But in your case, I don't think you even need to call it. You're saving an
> ICS file, and the backupFile call that I added to ICalFormat::save in
> libkcal, takes care of creating a backup file already. So I suggest just
> removing the whole stuff from knotes.
Whoa. It's in ICalFormat for about a year already... Must have missed this 
commit when I was in Melbourne. Ok, will remove that stuff, thanks!

> Of course this doesn't help tracking the bug with NetAccess, if there is
> one, but that remains to be proven. If you want to track it down - how many
> times are the NetAccess methods called? Both backtraces point to file_copy,
> which is only called from the above resourcelocal.cpp "make a backup file"
> code (apparently), but the question is whether save() is called once or
> twice (recursively?).
Good catch, why didn't I notice? :) Yes, it's even included in my previous 
mail, just above the backtraces: PID 2482 and 2483 are both kio_files. So 
yes, for some reason file_copy() is called twice, I have absolutely no idea 
why. And usually it really is called only once, that's why it's so hard to 
trigger this bug (just verified). Too bad that the backtraces don't include 
KNotes' methods :(

> If it's called twice, there's no real NetAccess bug 
> (it's not supposed to be called recursively)
Hmm, do you know why exactly this doesn't work?

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