Instant messenger interface library

Will Stephenson lists at
Tue Mar 30 23:30:27 BST 2004


I've been working on a generic IM interface library for apps which would like 
to use IM functions.  We discussed this last year on lists[1] and at N7Y, and 
what I've got is a proof of concept implementation that follows that design.  
It is a generic DCOP service interface, implemented by Kopete and hopefully 
other KDE IM apps, providing presence information and contact information, 
and a helper library that wraps the DCOP, and provides a smart widget 
representing a single user.

There is a fair bit of work to be done in defining the final interface, but as 
this is affected by a lot of people's needs (IM apps, PIM apps, games) I'd 
like to show what I've got so far and get some feedback to have a chance of 
getting this in KDE 3.3.  I've told kde-pim but I gather they're busy so in 
the meantime world+dog might as well kick its tyres.

At the moment I have a sample interface, a library, kcm_componentchooser bits 
for user IM app preference, patch vs kopete HEAD and a sample kpanelapplet.



Will Stephenson
IRC: Bille

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