Running KDE apps without kdebase (Re: Refactoring KCM technology)

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Mar 21 13:03:12 GMT 2004

On Saturday 20 March 2004 01:38, David Faure wrote:
> The question at heart is: should the developer of KMyApp tell his users
> "to use my app you need qt and kdelibs" or
> "to use my app you need qt, kdelibs and kdebase"
> If the answer depends on the distribution/packages, it becomes very messy.
> I think it makes sense to separate "what one needs run a KDE app"
> from "what one needs to have a KDE desktop".
> "What one needs to run a kde app" doesn't only means the libs, it means
> some binairies as well, of which kdelibs already provides quite a few,
> but khelpcenter and drkonqi are missing indeed (and kdesu if it's true
> that apps can need the kdeu binary, which I didn't know).

Yes, that's why I suggested to split kdelibs in two parts, into stuff every 
kde app needs, and things which are more optional (like kdesu or 
khelpcenter). If you have a very well integrated kde app, you'll need both, 
if you have just basic kde integration, you can get away with the "core" 
Additionally splitting "kdedesktop" out of kdebase would leave kdebase quite 
small, so other basic apps could be moved there (kpdf, kmix, etc.).

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