X Window System developer's meeting.

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at hp.com
Thu Mar 18 23:26:44 GMT 2004


We have scheduled a three day X Developer's meeting from 
Wednesday, April 28, through Friday, April 30, 2004, at the
Cambridge Research Laboratory (CRL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This meeting is intended to cover a wide variety of topics about X
Window System technologies, and the as yet unmet needs of the
technologies that depend on the X Window System. As a result, this
meeting is intended for people working across the entire X Window System
stack, including toolkits and window managers and desktop
infrastructure. This meeting is not, however, intended to cover general
X application development topics or concepts.

There will be a number of people giving presentations. These
presentations will likely consume no more than half of the overall
meeting time so the remaining time can be spent with informal
discussions, hacking, breakout sessions, etc.

If you wish to volunteer to give a presentation, please send e-mail to
xdevconf at freedesktop.org. In addition, if you have specific topics you'd
like to see discussed in a presentation or during informal sessions,
please send e-mail with your suggestions to that address as well.

Current presentations for the X Developer's Meeting include:

      * Keith Packard and Jim Gettys: "The (Re)Architecture of the X
        Window System"
      * Looking Glass - Sun Microsystems
      * Dave Reed & Dave Smith: "Croquet: Integrating X with 3D
        Immersive Environments"
      * Eamon Walsh: "Extensible Security for X: Motivation and Design"
      * Owen Taylor: The Widget Toolkit Developer's Perspective on X

Current discussions and/or hacking sessions include:

      * The big picture of X and a plan to get the necessary pieces done
        (Stuart Anderson)
      * Integrating SSH or SSL+zlib into X (Jim McQuillan)

If you would like to attend, please send mail to
xdevconf at freedesktop.org. Having the names of attendees in advance eases
building security, as we share the building with other companies.

An audio feed will be made available for those attending remotely or
unable to attend due to limitations on space. The meeting venue
provides networking support with high speed internet access.

More information will be at:

Jim Gettys <Jim.Gettys at hp.com>
HP Labs, Cambridge Research Laboratory

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