Kapp and Qt designer issue

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 20:08:01 GMT 2004

Zack Rusin said:
> On Thursday 18 March 2004 14:21, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>> Maksim Orlovich said:
>> > On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>> >> Hrm, so your Qt designer wont crash when you open a ui file with a
>> >> KLineEdit in it?  Somehow now all UI files that contain KDE
>> >> widgets crash.
>> >> Im on my ppc now, so Ill have to try with valgrind later this
>> >> evening. Ideally we can get to the bottom of this soon, since
>> >> no-one can edit ui files at this point.
>> >
>> > The KLineEdit issue seems to be some sort of a toolchain bug. The
>> > setContextMenuEnabled method just seems to be unmapped somehow.
>> So why is this effecting other classes?  Like KListView?  And why do
>> none of these crashes happen in KJSEmbed?
> Crash occurs only in widgets which use klineedit (klistview does for the
> inline editting). And why is it happening is a question which got
> David, Maksim, Nadeem, me and possibly others scratching our heads.
> None of us could pin-point the exact problem, granted none of us was
> really researching it too deeply but quite frankly I'm not sure if it's
> worth the time.

Well I can look at GDB again, but as said earlier valgrind might be more
educational.  The only real hint that starts to jump out at me is that
this only happens in cases where KLineEdit is created by QWidgetFactory
from outside of KDElibs linked stuff.  My test case if I create a QApp
based app that just has QWidgetFactory that creates a KLineEdit it blows
off... but the same code in there where I use the KApp based template from
KDevelop will not crash.

Could this point to something wacky in kdeinit?

-ian reinhart geiser


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