Kapp and Qt designer issue

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 19:19:09 GMT 2004

David Faure said:
> On Thursday 18 March 2004 17:16, ian reinhart geiser wrote:
>> Hrm, so your Qt designer wont crash when you open a ui file with a
>> KLineEdit in it?
> It does, but not because of the kapp pointer problem
> (if you assume the reason for a problem without checking, you have
> good chances of generating a nonsensical thread such as this one :)
Well gdb here was showing crashes in code with kapp access in a few other
places in the plugin.  I was sure this was not the only problem, but the
kapp is a problem none the less, so its not as nonsensical as you wish it
was.  I was just reporting where my evidence was showing, if you disagree
great, no reason to chastise me for actually trying to deal with the

> I tried to debug the crash some time ago and somehow it's the
> setContextMenuEnabled( true );
> call that makes the difference for me - it crashes on that exact line,
> i.e.
> it never gets to the line right after it if I don't disable it.
> It's a virtual method, but it's not reimplemented when using KLineEdit
> so the crash is really strange. Maksim (IIRC) said it might be a (weird)
> libltdl bug (IIRC). Or was that libdl? Well something far too low-level
> for me
> in any case :)
But why did this pop up so late here for all of us, also why does
reverting the Qt widget plugin code to pre-C++-ification also fix the
crash as reported by Ferich?

-ian reinhart geiser


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