kdenonbeta - configure problems

Mirko Boehm mirko at hackerbuero.org
Wed Mar 17 13:40:03 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

I love to put experimental code into kdenonbeta, so that people can try it
out. Unfortunately, since about six month, configuring kdenonbeta only
worked in rare occasions. There is no specific problem, it is just that it
got so big, and fore every fixed configure or Makefile.cvs break, a new
one is introduced almost instantly (right now, "make -f Makefile.cvs"
complains about libTIFF being declared twice for me).
Is there a way to reduce the complexity or make sure a basic configure
goes through? Or is there an idea for another such playground?

It is easy to just put the stuff on sourceforge or wherever. But KDE
developers tend to overlook it there, so our playground kdenonbeta makes
sense IMHO.

Thanks for your comments,


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