[PATCH] enhancing kicker menu extensions

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun Mar 14 17:24:21 GMT 2004


in kicker there are the menu extensions, e.g. the konsole sessions buttons, 
the settings button, the konqy profiles button and others.
They look the same as the buttons in the toolbars of many apps (konqy: back, 
up, forward, kmail: get mail, reply, forward) but behave differently.

After some discussion here several people agreed that it would be good if 
there would be the possibility that the kicker buttons behave the same way as 
the toolbar buttons, at least for buttons where it makes sense (Kurt Pfeifle, 
Michael Matz, Stefan Taferner, Friedrich Kossebau).
So I implemented it and changed the konqy profile button and the konsole 
session button to behave this way: start konsole/konqueror when clicked, open 
the menu after 0.5 seconds, patch attached.

There was a problem: KPanelMenu needs a new virtual function where this 
default action can be implemented. This would have been binary incompatible. 
So I derived a new class KExtPanelMenu which just adds this one new virtual 
function. Everything what uses KPanelMenu stays the same, extensions which 
want to use KExtPanelMenu can use it. For KDE4 this should be merged again.

Can I apply or who else should I contact ? I didn't find a kicker-devel 
mailing list and Michael Goffioul didn't respond (I found his name somewhere 
in the sources there).

P.S. Actually, why are the kicker plugin interfaces in libkdeui ? Something 
like libkickerplugins.so would be much better. Can this be done for KDE 4 ?
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