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Sun Mar 14 12:04:31 GMT 2004

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On Sunday 14 March 2004 12.30, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> On Sunday 14 March 2004 01:36, Brad Hards wrote:

> | It isn't clear whether libkipi has a dependency on any KDE libs. I can't
> | see it going into kdesupport if it does (else circular dependency
> | problems).
> |
> | If it does depend on libkdecore or whatever (and it is LGPL), why not
> | just import it into kdelibs? Is there any use for this library or its
> | plugins outside of kde?
> I'd rather not put it in kdelibs, simply because the apps using it do not
> follow the release scheme of the rest of KDE - they are located in KEG.

Could we consider kdesupport to be a 'kdeextragear, but for libs' 

That is, maintainers make their own releases, on their own schedules, for the 
purposes of packagers to depend upon.  These libs are hosted in CVS in 
kdesupport as a convenience for developers already working in CVS, and 
"kdesupport" should not be released alongside the rest of KDE nor considered 
a dependency?

That's pretty much the situation as it stands, while kdesupport only contains 
taglib (which is getting it's own releases, and is getting packaged on it's 
own by most everyone I know of.)   

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