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On Saturday 13 March 2004 23:21, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Some developers of image viewers and the like have got together to form a
> common plugin structure, so a plugin developed for one system will work
> with the other.
> Currently this project count digikam, gwenview, KimDaBa, and a few others
> I've forgot (perhaps showimg).
> The common plugin structure needs a base library defining the interface.
> We need a home for this, and given gwenview, kimdaba and showimg already is
> in KDE Extra Gear, and given digikam considers going there, we would like
> to keep this in KDE CVS.
> We asked for permission to put it in KDE Extra Gear, but Klas among others
> was not happy about having a lib in there, due to dependencies.
> So the question is would kdesupport be a good place, and if yes, may we
> please import our files there?

I know, I forgot to answer that mail about this library, but yes, I support 
such a lib, and if the new role of kdesupport is to store libraries developed 
in the KDE CVS by KDE people and used in many KDE app (but which cannot be in 
kdelibs/kdemultimedia for some reason) - and IIRC we agreed that this is the 
new role of kdesupport - than it should be there.


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> Jesper.

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