kconfig_compiler problem: no signals on changes

Richard Smith kde at metafoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 12:52:22 GMT 2004

On Friday 12 March 2004 12:39 pm, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Thu March 11 2004 20:17, Richard Smith wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I was working on porting Kopete to use kconfig_compiler, and I hit a
> > problem: there appears to be no way to make the generated configuration
> > class emit signals when certain data members are changed. Have I missed
> > something, or is it genuinely not possible to make the generated
> > configuration object emit a signal when the configuration changes?
> Do you really need that, or is it enough when you get a signal when the
> configuration dialog makes changes? KConfigDialog has a generic
> settingsChanged() signal.

If we can do without it, it'd be a step backwards from where we are now. We 
have a couple of toolbar buttons which modify the application settings, and 
our config dialog is created on demand, so such a solution would certainly 
not be simple or clean. Also, currently we have different signals being 
emitted when different sections of the configuration change (the signals 
aren't emitted until save() is called on the preferences object). So, it'd be 
much less messy sticking as we are without KConfigXT for now.


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