kimgio + kfile-plugin for SGI images (*.rgb, *.rgba, *.bw, *.sgi) [which mimetype?]

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at
Tue Mar 9 17:46:37 GMT 2004

* Waldo Bastian -- Tuesday 09 March 2004 18:44:
> * On Tue March 9 2004 16:06, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > But what if someone sends me an attachment that
> > is classified as "image/x-sgi-rgba"? Will this be a problem?
> A bit, but we can add an alias for that when it appears that these mimetypes
> are indeed in actual use. I don't think they are.

OK. Thanks for your replies. I've considered your advice on mimetypes as
permission to commit. :-)  I'll do some more cleanup, add another compression
algorithm and add support for obscure SGI formats (one-dimensional images!?)
as I run into them. But for 99.9% percent of all SGI images (a.k.a. RGB
images) everything should work already. Committed.


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