kimgio + kfile-plugin for SGI images (*.rgb, *.rgba, *.bw, *.sgi) [which mimetype?]

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at
Tue Mar 9 13:18:23 GMT 2004

* Melchior FRANZ -- Tuesday 09 March 2004 12:47:
> doesn't mention a
> mimetype, but
> suggests:
>   image/rgb
>   image/x-rgb
>   image/x-sgi-bw
>   image/x-sgi-rgba
> They all describe exactly the same format. The extensions "*.rgba" and "*.bw"
> are only used to indicate the color depth. I suggest to use "image/rgb".

Umm ... if it's not officially registered, then it will have to be
image/x-rgb, no? But what about the other alternatives?


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