Move gopher_kioslave to kde[base|network] ?

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at
Fri Mar 5 23:16:49 GMT 2004

Answering several messages in one. Sorry for not answering to the thread but i 
haven't received the answers.

Kulow: who needs a gopher slave in this millennium?

Maybe this one:

>Hi Albert,
>yesterday I had to determine, to my very surprise, that Konqueror does not 
>support the Gopher protokol!
>But just as I digged thru RFC 1436 I got my daily Freshmeat ... ;-)
>Thank's for your work and your excellent timing!
>I got kio_gopher to work flawlessly (but I must admit: I did not test it very 
>thorough) with KDE-3.1.2 & Qt-3.1.1, compiled with GCC 2.95.3."

or this one

>When I tried to make the package on my mepis (debian) system i recieved the 
>following error:
>kio_gopher.cpp: In function `int kdemain(int, char**)':
>kio_gopher.cpp:30: error: `exit' undeclared (first use this function)
>kio_gopher.cpp:30: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once 
>   each function it appears in.)
>make[2]: *** [kio_gopher.lo] Error 1
>make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
>make: *** [all] Error 2
>Any clue as to why its doing that? I find it odd that kde does not come with 
>something like your kio-slave as standard. While I am always hearing how dead 
>gopher is, I still use it at least weekly. Nice to know that someone out 
>there picked up the ball."

Note the part that says "I find it odd that kde does not come with something 
like your kio-slave as standard. While I am always hearing how dead 
gopher is, I still use it at least weekly." (i answered him with the patch to 
sort this and released a new version with it)(The patch was from David Faure 
as you can see at

Neundorf: What can I actually do with a gopher ioslave ?

You can browse sites like gopher://, 
gopher:// or some of the servers listed at 

Having access to things like 
Linux 1.0 source gopher:// 
Quick access (no images to slow you down) to andorra information in the CIA 

Also another reason is that Mozilla has support for it and i don't know why 
Mozilla should support more protocols than Konqueror.

So let's sum up reasons:

	- There are some geeks out there that use it and we may attract them to kde 
and konqueror
	- Konqueror will support other protocol
	- It is maintained (although there's not much to maintain as it is quite 
short in code)
	- Does not interfere with Konqueror or anything else because of ioslave 

	- It may not be widely used
	- It adds 10 k (uncompressed) to chosen module tarball


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