PATCH: Bug 73440: Konq deletes files when dragging

Andras Mantia amantia at
Mon Mar 8 07:32:35 GMT 2004

On Sunday 07 March 2004 23:52, David Faure wrote:
> I think there is some confusion here.
> Overwriting a file by dropping another file on top of it in Konqueror,
> and writing to a file from within an application, are two very different
> things.

Why should be different? Both can be triggered by the user, and I don't see 
the difference between overwriting a file (symlink) in Konqueror or saving a 
document  to an existing file (symlink) in a text editor.

> While I believe the first one should not follow symlinks (see the initial
> part of the thread), 

I read again, but I still think that this way Konqui/KDE behaves inconsistent 
compared to the rest of the *nix world. I have shown that shell commands or 
mc (and maybe other old file managers as well) overwrite the destination 
file. If we want to be really smart, we should make a distinction between 
overwriting a file or symlink and offer the choice to the user to overwrite 
the original file, the symlink file and so.

> the second one should obviously follow symlinks!! 
> If it doesn't do that anymore, then it's a regression introduced by the fix
> for the first case. This means Dawit's fix needs work....

I can't verify the previous behavior, but it seems that the current one is 
broken. Although KWrite does it right...


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