open tasks, jobs, unmaintained stuff, etc.

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Sat Mar 6 18:28:08 GMT 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 17:52, Adam Treat wrote:

> Yah, but this was always common ground!  I can't think of one person
> who has come forward and said, "You know, those systems that are
> balanced and Just Work^TM are not my cup of tea.  What I *really*
> want is a complete mess with obfuscated and worthless options so I
> can play around all day and not get anything done."

You obvisouly haven't met any Comp. Sci. students. Or any teenage Linux fan.

> is they inevitably lead to two avenues of discussion: you find
> otherwise highly rationale (see Guillaume) people expounding on
> philosophical/abstract nonsense while making huge generalizations as
> if they were concrete fact

These nonsense and generalizations are derived from concrete facts. I'm only 
trying to give some input based on my past experience, that some people might 
find useful in looking for a solution to this problem.


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