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On March 5, 2004 11:57, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> So this would be like telling advanced users to use the KDE equivalent
> of gconf-editor (GNOME) or regedit (Windows) for advanced options?
> Just trying to get a clarification here, because I honestly don't
> think that would be a good idea.

well, i don't have any special window into Zack's head, but here's my take on 
it, using kicker as one of the prime examples.

there are some options that are simply inane, like the variable hide button 
size. it's used by remarkably few people, but those people are rather 
attached to the ability to make it a few pixels wider or narrower. i'd love 
to deep six that control out of the main panel, but don't want to leave that 
minority of people who use it in the lurch.

transparency is a hack, and a bad one at that (no bash on those who did the 
transparency support, but X isn't exactly friendly in this situation). i'd 
love to see such horrid hacks be distanced from regular users. it performs 
poorly, it isn't perfect, etc... it doesn't belong in the main interface.

there are also a few "hidden" features that don't appear in any GUI, such as 
being able to turn off the dividers in the kmenu. they'll never appear in any 
GUI as long as i maintain the kicker kcm, so kcfgeditor is a step up there.

there are some "advanced" features, which is to say features that are not 
often used or used only by power users, that won't (again, at least as long 
as i maintain that KCM) be removed. e.g. showing the left/right hiding 
buttons will remain.

it's all about using common sense and deciding which options are inane, too 
buggy/hacky, cater to an extreme fringe, etc ...

zack's choice of "power user" and "normal user" in this case are, IMHO, very 
poor phrases to have used in the context of this discussion, since it really 
isn't about "power users" and "normal users" as far as i'm concerned.

that said, i do have some requests regarding kcfg ... it would be nice to be 
able to be able to apply various statuses to options, including (though not 
limited to?):

	o not in GUI
	o dangerous
	o experimental (aka testing, buggy, hackish, etc)

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