[PATCH] Fix kdenetwork/wifi compilation with iwlib27

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Mar 1 16:22:08 GMT 2004

Piotr Szymanski writes:

> Hi, Dominique Devriese(Sunday 29 of February 2004 12:18):
>> 2 In your patch, the configure check is a bit superfluous, since
>> libiw already has a VERSION_WT macro defined.
> AFAIR it is an internal constant not defined in libiw.h nor
> wireless.h which are the only installed headers there:

Ok, then I will change it to use your HAVE_IW_27 macro.

>> 3 AFAICS, Your patch only fixes the problems in
>> kdenetwork/wifi/kwireless/linuxwirelesswidget.cpp, not in
>> kdenetwork/wifi/wirelesstools.cpp, which still contained
>> iw_get_stats in KDE_3_2_BRANCH.
> It worked here in PLD Linux, which version do you have?

version of what ?

>> 1 in HEAD, libiw.c source has been included in the
>> kdenetwork/wifi/libiw.cpp source
> i dont like this, programs should you system libs and only falback
> to internal files if they dont find any...


>> 2 my patch fixes kdenetwork/wifi/wirelesstools.cpp in 3_2_BRANCH
> I was sure I fixed those too, but it seems you're right, my bad



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