KAction/KPushButton question

Rob Kaper cap at capsi.com
Fri Jun 25 13:30:25 BST 2004

How do I plug a KAction to a KPushButton so changing the KAction in one
place will automatically update every GUI element using it?

It looks like

	KPushButton *button = new KPushButton( m_actionCollection->action( "myaction" )->guiItem(), this );

might work in KDE 3.3 and up, but I can't test it as I'm not running HEAD.
(so someone please confirm or deny whether this is the preferred way)

The "@since 3.3" seems to imply that for current KDE releases (3.x) there is
no easy way to do this? I can't believe that actually, that there isn't a
trivial way to plug an action on a button.. so what part of the API am I
misreading or missing here?

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