how to restore default kde printing system configuration?

Artemio theman at
Wed Jun 23 17:45:01 BST 2004

Hello KDE people!

Sorry for a slightly off-topic question, but please help me if you have a 

I have messed up my kde printing system a bit, and now if I print as 
postscript, I get a postscrpt file that contains the postscript code as plain 
text, like if I'd open a .ps document in kwrite and print it to ps.

Is there a way I can fix this? Or maybe it's easier to restore the original 
(default) printing system configuration?

Thanks and good luck!

fOr ThE 1337 mEmBeRz OnLy ->
[local time 19:40:48 (GMT +3) 23 June 2004] [system uptime 2 hr 48 min]

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