embedded advanced text editor - global settings

Martin Köbele martin at mkoebele.de
Tue Jun 22 12:22:56 BST 2004


imho, since 3.2 KDE has this feature of KDE components like the embedded 
advanced text editor (kate-part).
This editor became really good and feature rich. Therefore there are now quite 
a few apps which use this editor (kdevelop, kwrite, quanta, prolly some 
And in the meantime it is getting pretty annoying to configure each time the 
editor again - for each application which uses this editor.

Since there is the component chooser in kcontrol, I think it would make sense 
to have a "configure editor" on the page about the editor-selection as there 
is a "configure editor" for vim-part.
And I don't see any reasons why somebody should have the same editor 
configured differently after he chose one setting as ideal for him.


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