New KIO::Slave: x-kde-icon

Marc Mutz marc at
Mon Jun 21 20:30:28 BST 2004

Hi Lauri, all!

The problem:

  When trying to write a decent handbook for a KDE app, you sooner or later
  stumble across the icon-issue. You would like to include the icons in the
  description of the menu item, or button, but you are faced with two daunting
    1. Find the icons and copy them to the module/doc/app directory
    2. Maintain this sh*t when the icons change.
  Apart from that, the next icon theme makes the icons worthless. Even if it
  was only installed locally.

The solution:

  A kde-icon kioslave. In DocBook's inimitable way, you can now say
      <imagedata fileref="x-kde-icon:/fileopen?size=22"/>
  to get an icon whose base64 data is probably half as much text as the
  DocBook decoration :)

  Or you can say x-kde-icon:/exit?size=toolbar (omitting for the moment the
  required DocBook decoration) to get a size-by-group.

  You have a UserIcon? No problem, use size=user, and app=myapp, which calls
  iconLoader()->addAppDir( "myapp" ) so your icons are found.

Attached. Shall we add this to KDE 3.3? It doesn't have any translations in it 
(although I left the message target), and it's so /immensely/ useful.


Marc Mutz -- marc at, mutz at
Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, Platform-independent software solutions
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