KIO::SlaveBase::openPassDlg question

Martin Koller koller at
Sun Jun 20 18:49:31 BST 2004

Hi all,

looking on the openPassDlg() method, I ask myself what does the 
checkCachedAuthentication() method do ?

I assume, the latter only checks if there is already a user/pass pair 
available in cache, whereby the other would ask (with a dialog) for one, if 
not already in cache - correct ?

If this assumption is correct, I would not understand the doc for 
checkCachedAuthentication() which says:

 Here is a simple example:
     * \code
     * AuthInfo info;
     * info.url = KURL("");
     * info.username = "somename";
     * info.verifyPath = true;
     * if ( !checkCachedAuthentication( info ) )
     * {
     *    if ( !openPassDlg(info) )
     *     ....
     * }
     * \endcode

But wouldn't one then always simply call openPassDlg() without the 
checkCache.. in advance ?

P.S.:I'm asking because I want to fix the smb KIO slave, which currently does 
not use authentication for mount requests.

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