setupGUI() once again !!!

Sébastien Laoût sebastien.laout at
Wed Jun 16 21:28:32 BST 2004

Le jeu 17/06/2004 à 00:07, Olivier Goffart a écrit :
> Le Mardi 15 Juin 2004 23:54, Ingo Klöcker a écrit :
> > trouble for people who accidentally hid it and didn't knew how to show it
> > again. The status bar is also not hidable in KMail
> In Kopete,  we've add that action in the popup menu if the menu bar is hidden.
> also a message box saying that the shortcut is ctrl+m when hidding the menubar 
> can be ok.
> That's true we've already had bug report about this before.

So, a default implementation of toggleMenubar() would, in more than
toggling and saving the changes, prevent the user... with non hard coded
shortcuts in the message (in case some programers would do that).

It make another redundant thing to think+searchHowTo+program and make
more relevant a KMainWindow::toggleMenubar(), isn't it ?

This way convince me (user willn't be lost) and don't have to code it
each time could help all KDE programs to be more consistents AND usable.

1 more cent :)

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