setupGUI() once again !!!

Sébastien Laoût sebastien.laout at
Wed Jun 16 15:59:40 BST 2004

Le mer 16/06/2004 à 14:40, David Faure a écrit :
> Konqueror doesn't have a standard statusbar, it has one statusbar per view,
> and it can have multiple views per window (e.g. when splitting views).

Hum yes you're right.

> There used to be a menuitem for hiding the statusbar (there's still a profile
> option for it), can't remember why/when we removed it.


> > Seem strange to me : if a user hide the menubar he cannot do anything
> > (if he doesn't know/read Ctrl+M).
> Look better: you can right click anywhere, and the top menu item in the menu
> is "Show menubar".

Don't kow where you want to go.
Right click anywhere ?
How to re-show the menubar if it was hidden and we don't know Ctrl+M ?

> Most other applications don't really need the possibility to hide their menubar.
> Haven't seen requests from users, for e.g. KOffice. Try using KWord without
> a menubar :)

We perfectly can put all used functions to a toolbar and get ride of the
Of course the app should be small. But RMB menus can perform a lot of
actions that also are in the menubar.
So, for apps like Kopete, eventwatcher, kget... it's imaginable.
I agree it do not save a lot of pixels but the app look beatifuller :-)

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