KDEvibes in KDE 3.3: yes or no?

Artemio theman at artemio.net
Wed Jun 16 11:07:20 BST 2004

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to tell that [1] I am not a C/C++ programmer [2] I don't have 
any access to CVS or possibility to indirectly make any CVS commits. So I 
need someone to help me finally integrate the KDEvibes into KDE 3.3 instead 
of old sounds.

The tasks are:

[1] Create a selection of 128 kbps OGGs to substitute old sounds (done)
[2] Create a scheme for how to re-assign sounds in KNotify control module to 
use the new sounds (done)
[3] Convert the old sounds to 128 kbps OGGs (todo by me)
[4] In CVS, remove the old sounds and place the new ones (todo by *someone*)
[5] Create *something* to provide backwards compatibility in KNotify in case 
if some app requests an old .wav - map it to a new .ogg file. The map is up 
to me (no prob) but the rest is todo (by *someone*).

Don't you want KDE 3.3 to have new sounds? ;-) Guys, I wish I was more than 
what I am and could do all this myself. But I need help.

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