Process your .ui files before committing them: fixuifiles

Dominique Devriese devriese at
Mon Jun 14 21:26:41 BST 2004

David Faure writes:

> Qt Designer generates .ui files with a few problems:
> * Too high "required Qt version number" when using a too recent Qt
>   Designer
> * Hardcoded untranslatable Alt+Letter accels (auto-added by Qt
>   Designer)
> * Captions that are equal to classname (auto-added by Qt Designer),
>   which bug translators.

> All of this can now be automatically fixed: just run the script
> fixuifiles (after installing it from kdesdk/scripts) every time you
> are about to commit .ui files.

I heard someone voice the idea to run this as a sort of commit hook.
Any update on that ?

domi ( who's pretty sure he'll often forget running the script )

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