KDEvibes in KDE 3.3

Artemio theman at artemio.net
Sun Jun 13 19:25:42 BST 2004

On Sunday 13 June 2004 21:19, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Does it mean 3 additional Mb for core, or are the old sounds removed (so
> that we actually end up with a smaller core)?
Yes, the old sounds will be removed, but maybe not all (we can create symlinks 
for safety reasons until we track all apps that use old sounds).

As of KDE 3.2, there are 4.1 Mb of sounds, and KDEvibes EastWest takes 2.9 Mb 
of sounds (high-qulaity 320 kbps OGGs). Maybe if we add 0.5 Mb more 
additional effects, we'll have 3.4 Mb in total which is less than 4.1 Mb.

But we can also have 256 kbps OGGs instead, which will result in ~ 2.8 Mb in 
total, and we have a 1.5 Mb less heavy core.


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