KDEvibes in KDE 3.3

Artemio theman at artemio.net
Sun Jun 13 19:14:17 BST 2004

Hi everybody!
Me and Scott Wheeler were (and are) planning to change the default KDE jingles 
and sound effects to the new ones created by me in the scope of the KDEvibes 
project (http://artemio.net/projects/kdevibes). Scott was planning to check 
out whether some apps have notifications with hard-coded paths to old sounds, 
but I haven't heard from him yet... and the deadline of the feature freeze is 
very soon.

Recently, Stefan Westerfeld told us that arts can now play OGGs and we should 
not convert the sounds to a 22 KHz wav format, which was good news for me. 
New OGGs will take around 3 Mb, and 22 KHz wavs would take around 8 Mb which 
is a huge difference for kde core.

So, I just don't know if anyone is going to help me get the new sounds into 
KDE 3.3... I really hope that we will make the new KDE sound in a new way 
too, and so far, not just anyone told that he is against such changed. 
Everybody seem to agree, but we don't move beyong this agreement.

Any ideas?

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