Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at
Mon Jun 7 18:24:29 BST 2004

On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 01:03:18PM -0400, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > Yes. A series of bools is difficult to read ("false, true, false,
> > false" == ??), and difficult to extend. I would have suggested a
> > simple bitfield enum though. Having two bitfields is a bit strange -
> > if something is not specified in the disabled list nor in the
> > enabled list, what does it mean?  That KMainWindow can choose what
> > to do about it? Sounds a bit undefined.
> Yah, it is simple that way.  Changed with docs (it is suprising how
> many enums in kdelibs don't have docs)
the enum is a _bitmask_. guess what this means regarding its values and
"testing operator".

> > > 3) createStandardKWindow() Name it something else? createKMainWindow()
> > > createStandardKMainWindow()  createStandardWindow()  ?
> >
> > It's in the KMainWindow namespace already, so no need for KMainWindow in
> > the name. But in fact this isn't "creating"... That's what the constructor
> > did. This is more about activating a number of automatic features....
> > setWindowFeatures? enableMainWindowFeatures?
> Well if you have something that is "enable" you might think you can disable 
> it.  I removing the K and changed it to createStandardWindow()  sense it can 
> create actions and it could create the GUI  if Create is passed.
<strong>but it does not create a _window_!!!</strong>
i suggest setupFeatures() or addFeatures() or something like that.

> +     * @sinse 3.3
try a spellchecker. :-P


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