[PATCH] KUser and new class KGroup

Martin Koller koller at etm.at
Fri Jun 4 09:04:34 BST 2004

On Friday 04 June 2004 09:58, Martin Koller wrote:
> What about to also add the property "image of the user" in the KUser class
> ?
> This can already be set in the user account kcontrol module (well - it
> _should_ be possible but for me it does not work - even as root I get the
> message, that this has been disabled by the administrator ???)

OK, sorry - I found the setting to allow the image per user in the Login 
manager module ...
Whereby: Don't you think this is weird? The Login Manager defines if a user 
can change its own logo ?
I think the login manager shall only define from where it gets the images.

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