improved po-file handling ("language fall-back") is available

Heiko Evermann Heiko.Evermann at
Tue Jun 1 22:54:37 BST 2004

Hi everyone,

after spending the whole evening on debugging, I finally hunted down the 
last problem:

KLocalePrivate has a member "bool formatInited;". This member was not 
initialized. The old code in KLocale forced a
 > d->formatInited=false;
in some obscure place. After initializing this variable, the problems 
with disappearing date/time format strings that I had mentioned, have 
disappeared. So now it looks fine to me.

Filling the translations with the user's second (third...) choice 
language looks nice, when the first choice language is incomplete.

I think that this change has greatly improved the usabilitiy of KDE for 
smaller languages. They have a tendency to be incomplete, and before all 
gaps were filled with English, which not every user of a minority 
language is good at.

Some examples of languages that benefit from this change:
* Low Saxon (one of our users pointed me to the ommission of evaluating 
the second choice language)
* Norwegian (bookmaal vs Nynorsk)
* Upper Sorbian

Kind regards,

Heiko Evermann
(KDE Low Saxon translation team)

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