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Heiko Evermann Heiko.Evermann at
Tue Jun 1 14:27:55 BST 2004

Hi Uwe,
> the South African project that translates a lot of OSS to
> 10 
> local languages is complaining about this:
> Apparently, gettext has an option to log all attempted translations to a
> file 
> while a program is running. They use this to prioritise translations. It 
> seems KLocale doesn't offer such feature. Or am I wrong? 
> Is there any way at all to achieve such a thing with KDE?
AFAIK there is none yet. However all calls to i18n pass through a routine
KLocale::translation_priv, where on could log everything that has not been
found. This cannot be done directly by using gettext output, as KLocale
considers more than one catalog:, and (and when
I get my language fall-back running it will do so for all languages that the
user has selected.)
When the routine translate_priv fails to find a translation, one could log
that in any way we would like to implement that. What kind of logging would
You prefer? How would You switch that on and off? KControl? Command line
parameter? KConfig?

One could even collect all translations that have not been found in a hashed
string array, so that upon end of the program one could give a sorted

Kind regards,


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