KWallet hang mixing synchronous and asynchronous wallet opening

Richard Smith kde at
Thu Jan 29 19:22:13 GMT 2004


While trying to transition some code to using asynchronous KWallet opening, I 
ran across a problem. The code, cut down to its simplest form (attached - 
needs an admin/ dir copied in) opens the wallet asynchronously, then, before 
the open call succeeds, opens it again synchronously. The result is the 

If the user chooses to open the wallet, the synchronous openWallet call 
succeeds but the asynchronous wallet never emits the walletOpened() signal.
If the user chooses not to open the wallet, the synchronous openWallet call 
never returns and the program hangs.

In either case, neither KDED nor the DCOP server have hung (both are sitting 
in their normal select() call), but in the case of the hang the app is 
waiting in a read(), called from the _kde_Ice stuff called from 

I'm not sure whether this is a KWallet bug or a DCOP bug, or even where to 
look next to continue debugging it. Any pointers would be appreciated.


PS I'm subscribed, don't bother CCing me.
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